We talk about it all the time, but it continues to bear repeating: 2024 America is looking more and more like 1984 with every approaching moment.

I am SO excited to welcome a new guest to the livestream, renowned commentator, author, and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, to preview his upcoming film release: Police State, premiering nationwide in theaters and on RUMBLE and LOCALS 10/23-10/27!

Dinesh joins us from the Locals studio to answer questions about his upcoming film, what he’s learned about intelligence agencies and mass surveillance of American citizens through his research, and how we can fight back before we become a full blown authoritarian dictatorship.

Streamed Oct, 20 2003 on Rumble.com

Join Isabel Brown for the full scoop and don’t forget to buy tickets to see Police State in theaters here: https://policestatefilm.net/

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