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When talent, technology and trust ages out, a rebuilding process is required to fill the void.  This rebuilding and rebranding process takes a tremendous amount of time and expense.  When trust is a factor, only time or a time tested brand can regain that trust.  In our world of digital content, the United We Stand Brand has become one of the most valuable digital assets available today.


Mainstream media is officially dead, we view our news the way we want it when we want to.  This has unleashed a tremendous amount of noise across the airways.  United We Stand TV is your go to Internet station of choice.

Shows / Schedules

Mainstream network news has gone the way of the Dodo Bird.  Our lineup intends to create a gathering place of voices that together will outnumber the reach of traditional media outlets.

Look Who's Watching

Bringing you from herd mentality to Heard reality.  We can’t intelligently UNITE if our source is DIVIDED, we accept the challenge.

Healthier TV

Your viewing time is valuable and your day is hard enough.  So we find media personalities and locations that will both inform you, educate you and most of all make you laugh again.

I watch TV to get informed & keep up with current events.  If I can find a show that does that and make me laugh, then it makes it worth my time.

We put together a collection of powerful media voices  that will keep you informed

One Trusted Source

Without the constant network news cycle and advertisements.  I am finally able to enjoy relevant news and my late nite shows in healthy meaningful doses.

Wade Warren

Monarch Inc.

I was unable to see how all mainstream media was censoring my news while making me more miserable.

Darrell Steward

Bloom Global

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