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Tucker Carlson

Louder with Crowder

The Ramsey Show

Isabel Brown

Steve Bannon’s War Room

The Right With Lara Trump


They Spoke For Me

UnitedWeStand Studio has launched another top project.  Welcome to MagaManga, where we can all have a MarveLESS time being entertained again.

Break Through The Noise

When these conditions exist as they do today, public, corporate, political, national and global leaders always emerge, they define their platform, they fight their way into existence, they distinguish their brand and fight to be the uniting voice that controls the narrative.

United We Stand Originals

The Party of United We Stand

Remember when we were working towards Making America Safe Again.  Still love this timeless video with some of the best Unity oriented speech clips from the team at United We Stand.  

The Wasteonomist

It’s TIME to hold our government representatives financially accountable.  Our leaders don’t  mange an economy, they legislate a Wasteonomy.  The Wasteonomist specializes in tracking this inside spending all while having a little fun.  

United We Stand Originals

United We Stand

Hope is in the house – Elise Stefanik nominates Mike Johnson for Speaker of the House.

United We Stand Show Opener

“Police State” is a movie that I never wanted to make, because I never wanted America to get to a point where a movie like this needed to be made. I feel like the animal that alerts the herd to approaching danger, so we can take precautionary steps before it’s too late.

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BREAKING: Rep. Mike Johnson Wins Latest Secret Ballot – Is the New GOP Speaker-Designate

Breaking: Lt. General Mike Flynn Sues Andrew Weissmann, Nicolle Wallace and MSNBC for Knowingly Promoting Materially False and Malicious Statements

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