Lt. General Michael T. Flynn (ret.)

On Tuesday General Mike Flynn filed charges in the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida against far-left smear merchants Andrew Weissmann, Nicolle Wallace and MSNBC for knowing promoting materially false statements that General Flynn “plotted the insurrection” and that he was guilty of lying to the FBI.

Both of these are provably false statements used to smear the 33-year military hero and US veteran.

This is also very concerning coming from the former top DOJ lawyer and MSNBC “expert” used by the company to promote and defend their leftwing positions, no matter how bizarre or dishonest.

From the filing:

Plaintiff Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn (ret.) (“General Flynn”) is a distinguished veteran who defended and protected Americans throughout his 33 years of service.

Defendant Andrew Weissmann—a partisan former prosecutor and top deputy to Special Counsel Robert Mueller turned MSNBC “legal analyst”—has publicly impugned General Flynn’s reputation, using his platform on MSNBC, along with political pundit Defendant Nicolle Wallace, to claim that General Flynn plotted an insurrection, and that he in fact was guilty of the bogus charge of lying to the FBI.

These are insidious lies. Defendants were aware these statements were false but still chose to smear General Flynn to advance their careers as partisan political pundits.

Finally, Andrew Weissmann will be held accountable for one of the many lies he pushed during his long, dishonest and dishonorable destructive career in the US government.
From the lawsuit:

During this September 15, 2023 episode, Defendant Wallace brazenly lied about General Flynn, stating, “I mean think we are past worrying about [General Flynn’s] feelings, right? I mean [General Flynn] plotted the “insurrection.”

Defendant Weissmann added to this lie, stating, “we prosecuted him, absolutely, he admitted twice to committing a crime and then his defense when he withdrew it was that I lied to the federal judge when I said I was guilty, so [General Flynn] admitted to underlying crimes, which by the way, he did.”2 In this statement, Defendant Weissmann implied that General Flynn did, in fact, “willfully and knowingly mak[e] materially false statements and omissions to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”3 This was knowingly false.

Here is a copy of the filing.


General Flynn has his career destroyed by Andrew Weissmann and the politicized deep state. He was abused for years by DC DOJ elites who attempted to ruin him and bankrupt him.

Flynn sued the DOJ, FBI, and US government for $50 million back in March of this year.